About Us

The Cyprus Association of Information Protection and Privacy, was formed by Information Security and Data Privacy professionals, in order to represent individuals or organisations that deal with information protection and data privacy. 

Here at CAIPP, we all share passion to exchange, analyse, communicate and educate on the ongoing issues of data protection, privacy and security. 

The Association main target is to promote the GDPR principles and increase/raise awareness on Personal Data Protection and Security, highlight potential risks, acknowledge vulnerabilities and improve business response and standards, as well as enhance the profession of the Data Protection and Privacy Professionals by setting high standards of professionalism and demanding Codes of Conduct. 

CAIPP may also act as a professional advisory body to other groups, including government agencies.

Our Network


Join CAIPP and you will become a part of the Cyprus Body of Information Protection and Privacy Professionals. Any person or entity may apply to be a member of CAIPP as soon its activity or interests are related to data protection, privacy and security. 



Our leadership (all founding members) are professionals (mainly on the Legal and IT sector) who are actively concerned about the data protection and privacy issues. 


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